• SCPM Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital founded with a vision to bring new international standards of training and delivery of Ayurvedic practices.  In recent years Ayurveda has been getting prominent recognition on a global scale.  Its deep rooted philosophy of keeping the body and mind in balance, creating perfect health and attaining a state of inner freedom (nirvana) has attracted people from all walks of life worldwide.
  • Ayurveda is a part of the ancient Vedic heritage of India. Centuries ago, it was at its highest glory and part of the Indian way of life for thousands of years.  However, during the past 8 centuries it suffered a serious blow causing a decline during the Mogul invasion and British colonial rule. The knowledge of Ayurveda had been practically lost and only a handful of people have maintained the original knowledge in its purity.
  • The escalating health care costs associated with many harmful side effects of modern medicine has spurred intense activity worldwide seeking alternatives to modern health care.  This has caused India to remember its hidden potential that has been lost due to the long lapse of time.
  • Here We upholding the principles and values of Ayurveda, the vedic life science, in order to provide comfort, succor and relief to the suffering and expand this noble science worldwide.
  • Imparting knowledge to the students through a team of qualified and experienced teachers in Ayurveda.
  • Promote innovative research activities and clinical trials in Ayurveda to develop new products.
  • Creating an expert team of dedicated healthcare personnel to promote effective, affordable and quality healthcare to the needy by adopting Ayurvedic life style.
  • Preserve endangered species of medicinal plants and herbs.