Kriya Sharir

Kriya Sharir

  • Rachana Sharir

    Rachana Sharir is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the knowledge about bones, muscles, blood vessels, Nadi tantra, strotas, sandhis, vital organs and also about the knowledge of Marmas and Garbha Sharir.

    Specialties about the Department:

    Rachana Sharir not only deals with structural study but also deals with how a better one can be reproduce. The department teaches constitution of body according to the Panchamahabhoota system, embryological and genetic considerations, anthropometry, various body tissues, organs and vital points as described in Ayurveda.

    Upon completion of this subject, students are expected to be able to describe the details of fertilization; sex determination and differentiation; organogenesis and the human body in terms of dosha, dhatu & mala and apply these concepts in clinical diagnosis and practice.

    Most attractive portion is our Anatomy Museum having more than 32 models and 62 charts are mounted with various sections of body parts.
    Articulated skeletons, separate bone sets,
    Dissection method & dissection classes are done by using CD’S.