Shalakya Tantra

Shalakya Tantra

Ayurveda has eight major branches. Shalakya Tantra is one among them, which deals with the etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and treatment of disease that are located above the neck region, such as the head, ear, nose, eye and throat. There are special treatment procedures for the treatment of the organs of head and neck. They include Nasyam, Dhoomapanam, Gandoosham, Kabalam, Shirodhara, Shirovasthi, Anjanam, Tarpanam, Pratisaranam etc.

   Department provides separate OPD with fully equipped operation theatre of ophthalmology and ENT. Department has qualified teaching staff and fully skilled surgeons.

Facilities in Department –

1.     Departmental Library

2.     Departmental Museum

3.     Tutorial Room

4.     Digital charts and Paper charts

5.     Models and Surgical instruments

6.     OPD & IPD

Facilities in Department –

  1. Departmental Library

  2. Departmental Museum

  3. Tutorial Room

  4. Digital charts and Paper charts

  5. Models and Surgical instruments