Roga Nidana

Ayurveda is the science of life, hence concerned with prevention and cure of diseases .Since “Nidan Parivarjana” is the first step for prevention, the study of Nidan should be accurate. Now a day, the life style has changed drastically as compared to the ancient times. This promotes disturbances in physical and mental health. It is therefore necessary to prove the etiological factors of the various newer diseases as compared to the Nidan told in Ayurveda. It is a need of the day to compare the newer and recent diseases with those told in Ayurveda. The pathogenesis and clinical features need to be compared and correlated. Being located in the semi-urban area, we can achieve this as we get patients of all varieties from all classes. The cure for these diseases can be achieved by using basic principle Upashaya-Anupshaya.

Facilities in the Department

  1. Department is fulfilled by all instruments & Equipment’s which promotes research work conducted by department.

  2. Pathological specimens & Digital charts with schematic diagrams & photographs enrich student’s knowledge.