Mental Health Nursing

The Psychiatric Nursing programme will help student to understand the principles and concepts of mental health nursing. To increase knowledge and to develop professional skills in caring of patients with psychiatric illness.


We the department of mental health nursing faculty

– Believe that the psychiatry program is essential to prepare the nursing students in psychiatric and mental health nursing education and practice in India and abroad.


– The aim of mental health and psychiatric nursing program in nursing is to prepare graduates registered nurse specialists, educators, and administrators in a wide variety of health care settings.



At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Apply the nursing process in the care of patients with mental disorders in hospital and community.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills/ competence in nursing management of patients with mental disorders.
  • Identify and manage psychiatric emergencies.
  • Demonstrate skills in carrying out crisis intervention.
  • Appreciate the legal and ethical issues pertaining to psychiatric nursing.
  • Describe various types of alternative system of medicines used in psychiatric settings.
  • The students are also provided with counselling services to improve their academic performance