Kaumarbhritya - Bala Roga

Kaumarbhritya is branch of Ayurveda which deals with the child care both preventive and curative. So, we are very glad to mentioned that in SCPM Ayurvedic Medical College AND Hospital, Gonda, the department of kaumarbhritya (paediatric) is dedicated to the highest quality paediatric patients care in hospital, research and education and related activities. It is devoted to improving the health of children’s. Accordingly; we are much dedicated to excellence and providing you top-tier service to patients and students. While our education service is focused upon the improving the knowledge of the students in Ayurveda as well as in modern medicine through medical education and research. We hope to improve the knowledge of the students and children life.


  • Department is running with regular O.P.D. & with special high risk clinics.

  • Neonatal care unit and neonatal check up in PNC Ward and in OPD.

  • Special Ayurveda treatment for specific childhood diseases like behavioural disorders, skin diseases etc.

  • Special panchakarma procedures for various kinds of childhood diseases.

  • Counselling sessions to be performed by expert doctors to parents in view of, to modulate their view on neurological development and its importance in children.

  • IPD facilities, also available in hospital with well trained doctors.

  • Arranging various child health care programmes like suvarna prashan camp, school health check up, vaccination programme, yoga and pranayam camps.

  • The department includes individual library, various charts of diseases, kalpas, different models, vaccines and commonly used instruments in paediatric practice.

  • Different Seminars are arranged on various paediatric related topics.

  • Academic activities also performed on regular interval.

  • Educational tours also arranged by the department.