Dravyaguna Vigyana

Dravyaguna is a part of Ayurveda which deals with identification, collection, storage and preservation of row materials of plant origin and our dravyaguna department is best in it.

Department is maintained by skilful teaching & non-teaching staff members. Department has well furnished laboratory, equipments, museum, herbal garden which encourages the students for theoretical, clinical & research work.

Facilities in the Department

Museum– Departmental museum have preserved wet specimens as well as dry samples for further references.

Laboratory– Departmental laboratory is well maintained with instruments required for pharmacognostic study & research purpose.

Library-Departmental library is fulfilled with herbarium sheets, reference books of Ayurveda & pharmacology along with magazines

Charts-Flex charts of herbal drugs & modern pharmacology concepts are available

Herbal Garden– department has well established herbal garden with several plant species marked with botanical name.

Field Visit – Department organizes local & out of state study tours every year for practical exploration