Agad Tantra Avum Vidhi Vaidyaka

Agad Tantra Avum Vidhi Vaidyaka

Ayurveda- ancient science of life is believed to be prevalent for last 5000 years in India. Agadtantra is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda which deals with properties, effects management of toxins of animate & inanimate origin. It also deals in detail the study of agadas i.e. vishavirodhi dravya or vishavirodhikalpas.

Forensic medicine ( Vyavahar ayurved ) deals with medical aspects of law & medical jurisprudence (Vidhi vaidyak) deals with legal aspects of  medicine. Thus the department deals with toxicology, medical ethics & law & forensic medicine

In day to day life use of poisonous agents is increased and poisoning has become common. So this knowledge is necessary and compulsory to medical student. Also in forensic medicine, the legal enquiry of unnatural death is done & knowledge of post-mortem is  given in this subject.

The department is fully equipped with various equipments instruments, models, charts & specimens etc which provides the necessary educational inputs to the 2nd year BAMS students. The department has qualified teaching and non teaching staffs.